Does the musk ox pose any threat to humans?



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    No, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Musk Oxen are mostly found in parts of Europe, northern Canada and Greenland. These animals are stocky with large heads, short necks and legs and are enormous in size, weighing up to about 880 pounds. Both male and female have horns which can reach up to 2 feet as found in old males. Humans pose a threat to these animals because their habitats have been taken over by human activities, and musk oxen have been hunted by humans for food and for sport. 


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    It can depend on the musk ox’s gender or if there’s a group of them or just one. Typically, musk ox aren’t agressive or dangerous towards humans;however, the female musk ox can be overly protective of their young, and isolated ones have been known to attack. Again, usually these ox “are not generally known as aggressive animals. In fact, they are famous for the passivity of their defense tactic: they simply form a ring around their young when danger threatens.”

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