Does music affect plant growth?



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    This is a question that has been studied and debated for decades. The results is that music can positively effect the growth of plants if it is not too loud. This is not because it is music, but because any noise will create sounds waves that will interact with the plant. All living creatures react to stimuli, and playing music for a plant can help it grow better than a plant left in silence. Studies have show that vegetation can grow quicker, taller, and germinate sooner when consistently exposed to music. But this, like anything, should be taken with a grain of salt because if you remember to consistently play music for a plant, you are more likely to remember to water it as well. When it comes to the debate of what type of music makes them grow best: all music is the same to a plant, they do not have favorite genres.

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    There have been many theories about plants and human interaction via sound. For instance, in the 1970’s and 1960’s there was a very popular movement that believed talking to plants would help them grow. Check out an excellent Mythbusters episode that discusses these very issues!

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