Does the movie industry have a responsibility to educate people on bad things happening in the environment?



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    Personally, i don’t think it’s the movie industry’s responsibility.  It is more so the responsibility of those who are knowledgeable to spread the word about environmental problems.  If you don’t know, how can you educate others?  And if you are aware, shouldn’t you share that awareness?  By now, most of us should be aware of the task at hand, the real problem is putting into practice our theories about saving the planet.

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    I think movies are a medium through which stories are told, it is upto the people who are making movies whether or not they want to talk about the bad things happening in the environment.  People will only tell stories of things that they know about or they have experienced, so it is the responsibility of the person to educate themselves on the environment. 

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    My vote would be that the movie industry simply has the responsibility to entertain.  If a movie can educate and entertain that is wonderful.  I would say it is our job to educate ourselves.  We live in an age with infinite information at our fingertips.  Our responsibility to be as educated as possible.  

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    I don’t believe that the movie industry has an obligation/responsibility to educate us on the environment and the bad things happening to it. Certainly, I think it’s good when the industry sheds light on the issue, but the movie industry’s only real responsibility is to provide a form of entertainment. This is just my opinion.

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         Film is just a medium, I don’t think it has an inherent responsibility to do anything. Movies can be made for any number of reasons, including environmental education. It’s great when movies address environmental problems, but they take so long to make that it’s hard for them to address issues in a timely way. Other kinds of media, like newspapers or TV, are a better source for up-to-the-minute information.

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