Does mouthwash pollute our water ways?



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    Yes. Mouthwash containing triclosan and triclocarban not only pollute the water, but these chemicals may persist even through the refining process, resulting in permanent damage. However, it has been determined that these products really add nothing to mouthwash, and as such they are slowly being phased out.

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    This would depend on the mouthwash you are using.  Most common mouthwashes, i.e. Crest, do pollute the waterways.  I’m sure you know everything you wash down the drain ultimately ends up in the water you will probably be drinking one day. Mouthwash often contains chemicals such as Triclosan and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, both potentially carcinogenic.  You can buy all natural mouthwashes, I recommend Tom’s of Maine personally.  The main thing is just to make sure you read the labels. My favorite list comes from the website I cited.

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    It does, but keep in mind that the amount of pollution from used mouthwash is greatly dwarfed by agricultural runoff or industrial dumping. Even the triclosan in soap from washing your dishes is likely more harmful. Mouthwashes don’t do much, hygiene-wise so feel free to stop using it, but don’t feel like an ecovillain for using it if you like it.

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