Does mother nature have any way to protect herself?



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    If by “Mother Nature” you mean the natural systems in which we dwell, there are several corrective and defensive mechanisms at work. Particular organisms have specific methods of self-protection (for example, wasps have stingers and poison ivy secretes irritants!) but the idea of “Mother Nature” is an anthropomorphized (a non-human subject given human characteristics) concept. While this is a great subject for theoretical and literary discourse, it’s not necessarily a scientifically-sound idea, and thereby your question can’t be answered directly.

    Some have theorized that global climate change is a “defense mechanism” of our planet. Whether or not this is exactly true is open to debate, but it is clear that if manmade climate change continues to progress, humans will no longer be able to dwell on our planet–making this mechanism a defense against the human species!

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    Mother nature is well equipped to withstand and endure difficult conditions, whether they be of natural origin or man-made. This is not to say that it’s indestructable, but the very essence of nature is one that survives and thrives with very little effort.  When it is preserved and protected, nature goes through cycles with ease (including destructive weather).

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