Does most new furniture contain formaldehyde?



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    It depends on the furniture maker.  If formaldehyde-free furniture is a concern, there are various options.  Target sells a line of eco-friendly, 100% formaldehyde-free furniture.  There are also other eco-friendly versions with larger retailers such as Crate & Barrel.

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    The formaldehyde level is likely to be negligable unless the product is made with pressed wood, or formaldehyde-containing glue. The problem is, these are used widely not only in furniture, but in the building materals of homes themselves. Formaldehyde can also be found in some foam insulation, tobacco smoke, and some drapes and other textiles. The ambient levels of formaldehyde in a home should be around .1 parts per million, and in a place with new pressed-wood furniture it can be around .3 ppm. This has been shown in several case studies to cause flu-like symptoms in children and even adults!

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