Does most food have hormones in it these days?



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    This is a really helpful article which lays out the reasons why hormones are present in our food and their negative effects. Basically, growth hormones are used to increase production (like milk in dairy cows) and decrease the amount of time that an animal needs to be ready for slaughter (then they don’t eat as much food and they can be sold more quickly.

    So, it stands to reason that your animal foods, unless specified to be organic and hormone-free, do have hormones so that the farm can compete with other farms using hormones.

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    It would be a safe statement to say that most non-organic meat in the US contains hormones. Beef and other cow products are almost certain to contain some level of hormones, but sheep are also commonly given hormones as well. According to Science News, 80% of US feedlot cows have been injected with hormones. The hormones allow the cows to produce vastly more milk than they normally would, but can also have negative side effects when consumed by humans.

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