Does the moon spin?



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    Simply put, yes the moon spins.  Although from our view on Earth, we never actually see our lunar companion rotate.  This is because the moon spins about its axis at the same rate it orbits the Earth.  The perfect connection between rotation and spin is caused by the tidal pull between the moon and the Earth.  This is why we always see the same face of the moon, and from our view it appears to be standing still.

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    Yes, it does. I am quoting a website here, but I read that :

    “The moon spins just as fast as the earth does. In fact, did you know that in the twenty seven days it takes the moon to go around the earth, the moon also spins around its axis for a full revolution! That is why we always see the same face on the moon’s surface.”

    Pretty interesting, huh? 🙂

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