Does the moon have anything to do with the currents in the Ocean?



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    It has a whole lot to do with it! The moon and earth are magnetically attracted to each other. When the moon orbits the earth, the magnetic force pulls at the earth, and thus the tides rolling toward the moon are the result. The moon’s gravitational force on the Earth is the #1 factor in the creation of tides.

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    The moon has a great effect on the tides of the ocean, but has very little to do with the currents.  The main causes of the ocean’s currents are heat from the sun, winds, gravity (of the earth: water likes to flow downhill), and the coriolis effect, which causes ocean gyres to rotate clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counter-clockwise in the southern.

    Here is an NOAA map of the major ocean surface currents:

    As you can see, the currents flow in many different directions.  If the moon were a significant influence on the currents, they would all flow in the same direction (towards the moon) and would shift as the moon shifted!

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