Does money ever get washed?



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    There is no money cleaning service. Money sometimes goes through a washing machine when someone forgets dollar bills in their pockets. The bills always come out slightly shrunken because the small amount of fabric fibers in their composition. When money gets old and beat up it is sent back to the US mints, in recycled, and is turned back into new money.

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    In a way.  Money is usually shredded and recycled to make new money…so I guess in a way it is washed.   Also, I leave bills in my jeans all the time….so I literally wash them sometimes…its not very pretty.  The bill is usually quite frail looking afterwards. 

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    Money can be washed, if private citizens want to wash it.  There is actually an online tutorial.  Cleaning money that may be a collectors’ item isn’t recommended, because it may damage the money slightly (not a problem for spending money later, but it would be a problem if someone needed the coin in mint condition).

    The method is basically to wash the coins in lukewarm water and dish soap, and then to buff it with a cloth.  It may be more efficient to keep hand sanitizer for use after handling money, instead.

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