Does mineral water taste better?



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    People drink all kinds of water. Basic water with nothing else in it is distilled water. With all the nasty things in the environment, and even in city water, some people prefer water with nothing else in it. (The ZeroWater company makes a purifier that turns tap water into something very close to distilled water.)

    Unfortunately, distilled water lacks a pronounced taste that many people like, and is not recommended, for example, for tea.

    Mineral water is another spin on the problem. The concept is that if water comes from the ground it will be more natural. You have only to try water from a sulpher spring to know “natural” water isn’t always good. Mineral water companies sell water with various chemicals, some not natural, and some added during the bottling process.

    Does that taste better? You decide, there’s no universal standard.

    Finally, there is an interesting, but not perhaps not entirely unbiased explanation from a company that makes water purifers. They claim that people just become used to whatever they drink, that, for example people raised on water with high iron content expect their water to have a slightly sweet taste. The company claims that it is the oxygen in water that give its taste. That’s likely to be partially true, because tea drinkers and others know that water that’s been boiled too long is less tasty.

    The US had a strong pilgrim ethic when formed. The pilgrims really were rather stoic types, who often believed that what was difficult and caused pain was good for you. Following that reasoning, they sometimes intentionally drank water that tasted bad. Wrong move. It was discovered later that much of that bad tasting water was down current from outhouses. Gross, but true. Contaminated water has been around a long time in human history, however, and it was observed centuries ago that beer does not have the problems that contaminated water does. So included in many workers’ daily pay was a beer ration. That may seem counterproductive, but in fact it was probably keeping workers more healthy.

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