Does Miley Cirus donate any money to environmental charities?



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    While Miley doesn’t appear to regular donate to environmental charities she did gain some environmentalist’s respect recently when she helped to save the Australian coastline where her boyfriend grew up. The region was under threat from a potential housing development and thus Cyrus started spreading word about the development in her twitter and in the media. 

    This is the only account of helping the environment that can really be found. She does donate to charities such as her church, Haiti and curing cancer but no environmental charities.

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    Yes, according to Look to the Stars: The World of Celebrity Giving, Miley Cyrus donates to a charity called Music For Relief, which responds to natural disasters to help victims recover and rebuild their lives. In addition, Music for Relief is an environmentally focused charity in that they educate the public about climate change, help to prevent natural disasters by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and by looking for alternative forms of renewable energy. 

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