Does Mexico have a green energy plan?



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    I don’t know of any plan for the entire country, but Mexico city, the capital, does have one.  Also, if it were important for any area of Mexico to have one, Mexico city would be it.  It is one of the most polluted cities in the entire world, but at least now city leaders have plans to change that.  Wastewater treatment will be greatly increased so that less untreated water enters the environment.  All taxis will be replaced by 2012 with less polluting models.  Freight vehicles have already been subjected to mandatory emissions testing.  Public transportation systems have also been switched over to vehicles that use ultra low sulphur diesel.  More greenery and forests are being planted to lower carbon dioxide levels.  A goal of having 9 square meters of green area per citizen has been set.  Also, each year 30,000 square meters of green roofing is being installed.  This is just a short summary of some of the goals that have been laid out as part of Mexico City’s green plan.

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