Does Mexico have a greater environmental impact than the United States?



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    In terms of carbon emissions, no. Mexico ranked 13th in the world in carbon emissions, while the United States, along with China, tops the list. 

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    It is difficult to fully asses this question but in simpler terms, the US emits far more carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming) than Mexico. In 2008, the US emitted 5,461,014.0 thousand metric tons while the same year Mexico emitted 475,834.0 thousand metric tons. There are a variety of different factors that should be considered before answering emphatically one way or another (disposal of waste, health of citizens and animals, preservation of forest and natural habitat, etc.) but the US does release far more CO2 into the atmosphere than Mexico. For further information of the CO2 emission of other countries chronicled from 1990 to 2008, look to the UN’s MDG Indicators site here.  

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