Does methane have a smell?



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    Methane is involved in the decomposition of animal waste, which can definitely be a smelly process. However, methane itself is a non-odorous gas. Methane bacteria helps to convert smelly compounds like organic acids, alcohols and ketones into scentless ones like methane, water and carbon dioxide.

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    Methane alone does not actually smell, for it is an odorless, colorless flammable gas. It is most commonly used as a fuel for heat and light and can also be used to manufacture organic chemicals. Methane can, however, form a mixture in the air and smell when certain chemicals are added to it, such as those added by commercial gas utility companies. Methane may also have a potent “rotten egg” smell when it naturally mixes with hydrogen sulfide. The odorless gas may also form when natural materials begin to decay. This process is commonly found in landfills, septic systems, and sewers. While this is all may give off a bad smell, it is not from methane alone.

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