Does mercury reduce the health benefits of fish oil?



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    A study conducted in 2005 concluded that fish oil may be a healthier intake of Omega-3 than actual fish consumption. The high levels of mercury found in some fish are often purified out of the fish before being used to create fish oil. Different fish oils also have different factors that make a difference in mercury consumption. Many fish with dangerous levels of mercury come from more contaminated oceans where there are shipping lines and high levels of metal. Researching where companies get their oil from is vital when deciding which fish oil to take. A company called Xtend-life Fish Oil comes highly recommended because their fish are sourced from the pristine Southern Ocean where there is little to no regular boat traffic. Some fish oils have been recalled in the past for high mercury levels. It is possible for the health benefits of this oil to be negated by mercury. It is extremely important to do some research before deciding which oil to buy.

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