Does the meat from an old chicken taste a lot different than a young chicken?



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    Older chickens might taste more flavorful, wheras younger chickens may be more tender, but they both taste like chicken.

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    Young chickens lack the build up of fat and connective tissue that develops in older chickens, making the meat tougher and more difficult to cook. Grilling and other quick heat methods are not sufficient to break down these more rigid tissues, even in the typically softer breast meat. In my experience, however, older chickens (particularly roosters) that require stewing or braising in order to produce a palatable product are substantially more flavorful. My favorite way to eat them is in a French stew call Coq Au Vin. See the link below for my favorite recipe. It is a two day process, but you will be rewarded with a delicious product that, combined with a wide pasta like farfalle (aka. “bow tie pasta”), will provide several days of good eating.

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