Does McDonald’s recycle efficiently?



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    82% of Mcdonalds packing material is made from recyclable materials.  In the early 1990’s Mcdonalds began to make a concerted effort to raise the amount of recyclable material in their packaging.  At the time, Mcdonalds was only using 5 to 30% recycled material.  One determiner of recycling efficiency is the presence of recycling bins in Mcdonalds stores.  Even though, 82% of their materials can be recycled, that much material is not recycled because many stores do not have recycling bins.  Much of Mcdonalds packaging is thrown away; so while the company is making an effort to package using recyclable materials, much of that effort goes to waste.

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    Although there is some debate on this topic, according to McDonald’s website, it seems as if they are putting some effort into a greener way of business.

    For one, they’ve switched to napkins made out of recycled materials instead of the bleached ones they were serving up before (hey, it’s a start, right?).  

    They’ve had conversations with their suppliers about how they (the suppliers) package and serve their products to McDonalds and have encouraged them to reduce extraneous materials and package items in a more eco-friendly way. 

    Additionally they make sure that 82% of their consumer packaging is created from renewable materials with the hopes that that percentage will increase in future months so that they can boast 100% renewable materials in their consumer packaging.  

    In some of the countries where McDonalds is located, their restaurants are using the oil that they cook with and then recycling it in a variety of ways including the creation of biodiesel that is environmentally friendly.  They go the extra step in some areas where McDonalds’ very own trucks use that recycled oil as fuel (now that’s pretty cool!).

    Lastly, the cycle wouldn’t be complete without the help of their consumers.  McDonalds boasts that the customers who eat at McDonalds inside of WalMarts have helped to save over 170 million napkins through a program called One Meal, One Napkin.      


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