Does making a business sustainable start with the employees or the management?



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    It could start either way. Employees can take steps to green their workspace as much as possible. Starting with things like choosing more efficient lighting for their workspace, using less paper, carpooling to work, wasting less at work and talking with coworkers about ways to become more sustainable. They could also talk to their employer about taking efforts to become more sustainable, including showing them ways to save money by becoming more sustainable. On the other hand, management can choose to implement more sweeping sustainability improvements, like changing all lighting to reduce electricity use, putting efficient aerators on all the faucets in the workplace, using printers that print on both sides of the paper. Finding ways to reduce the amount of chemicals used and more. 

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    There are so many ways to spark increased sustainability within your workplace. Start small, and if you have the time, keep the program growing. 

    Every good sustainability program looks at energy use and waste. These are called audits.

    But these are only a start!

    Check out these great websites for more tips, and when you are ready, find a professional to help you put some of the more complex practices in place.

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