Does making something out of corn automatically make it green?



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    This is a debatable issue. Using corn instead of plastic is certainly greener. However, green is a subjective term. There is no set criteria for the label. As with all things, there are pluses and minuses to the use of corn for things other than food. Environmental justice advocates worry that the use of corn for fuel, biodegradable plastics, and whatever else comes down the pike could mean that this corn competes for farmland with viable food crops in developing nations.

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    No, not at all. In fact, many things that are though to be green because they are made out of corn are actually bad for the environment. Biofuel, for instance, that’s made from corn is actually counter-productive. It takes so much corn to make enough ethanol for people to use that it’s starving out other countries because of the sudden lack of corn on the market.

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