does making ice compress the water?



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    Looking at it from a molecular level, yes, the molecules of water are closer together in ice than most liquid water. As with all materials, the gaseous form of water has molecules that are very far apart and moving quickly. The liquid form has molecules that are closer together, but still move and flow. When it cools enough to become a solid, the molecules touch and interlock into crystals, barely moving at all, comparatively.

    However, the strange little quirk of water is that it is a little denser when it is almost freezing than when it is ice. The ice captures some air, meaning that it will float on top of very cold liquid water, which you can demonstrate with any cool glass of water. It is theorized that this characteristic of water actually allowed life as we know it to exist on Earth, because, as primitive life forms were evolving in the sea, they were not interrupted by freezing, sinking masses of ice.

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