Does Mad Money ever have an environmental section where he talks about investing in green businesses?



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    No.  Jim Cramer has mentioned that he is more interested business sustainability than in environmental sustainability.  He believes that focusing too much on environmental practices can lead people to miss good stocks.

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    On November 15th, 2010, Jim Cramer of Mad Money said that there is no money to be made in green companies. The makers of the lithium batteries for electric cars still have to plug into a coal-based system – electricity. Wind turbines will not bring high dividends because people would not want them in their backyards.
    The money is in “power management” companies. Those are the companies that make the technology that helps consumers use less fossil fuels.
    One company he recommends is Baldor Electric [BEZ  140.20  —  UNCH    ,
    Baldor makes energy-efficient electric motors, mechanical parts and generators and is located in Arkansas.  It was up 107 percent since his original recommendation in 2009.
    On November 30, 2010, BB Ltd (NYSE: ABB) started proceedings to purchase Baldor and completed that purchase January 27, 2011. 

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