Does London have a good public transit system?



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    Yes it does! I live in Washington DC, one of the few American cities with a decent subway system, but the few weeks I spent in London a few summers ago showed me how truly pathetic the DC metro is in comparison to London’s transportation system. First of all, the subway system in London, known colloquially as the Tube, is incredible. It stretches out to all the far reaches of the London suburbs, connects to the airport and commercial train stations, and the sheer number of stations mean that, no matter what part of London you’re in, you’re never far from one. The famed double decker bus system of London is also very effecient. In DC, taking the bus is quite the journy. On an average week day, you have to wait up to 30 minutes for a bus manned by an irritable driver. Plus, the DC bus system is only necessary because there just aren’t enough metro stops! However, in London, the buses run exactly on schedule, which is usually every 10 minutes, even on weekends and non rush hours. They are fast and travel to just about everywhere you’d want to go. I highly recommend the London public transit system!

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    Yes it does, the London Underground or the Tube (as people refer to it) is the main source of public transportation in the city.  The Tube is made up of an extensive network of 12 lines that can get you to most places within central London very quickly. The down side to this mode of transportation is that there are frequent delays, however even if the trains are held up, they are still the fastest way to get around town without a car.

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