Does the liquid that we pee out eventually make its way back into our water tables?



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    Yup. Our urine does eventually make its way back to water, along with all the urine of animals, runoff from decomposition, and all sorts of other things. But it’s not really something to worry about, as it’s purified enough before it gets into any potable water source that it won’t do any harm to us.

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    Any urine deposited into a municipal waste water system (such as using the bathroom in your house) is treated at a water treatment plant along with other sewage.  This treated water eventually ends up back in the water table, either through precipitation or absorption into groundwater through natural percolation.  Often, percolation and natural filtering is enough to make contaminated water potable again, so the presence of water that was once urine in a water source is not a large concern once it has been properly treated.

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