Does fishing line hurt the environment?



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    Well fishing line is made of artificial substances such as nylon, polyvinylidene fluoride, and polyethylene. So the actual lines are not good for the environment. More importantly, the act of fishing can be hazardous to the ecosystem when unintended catches, or kills, are made.

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    Discarded fishing line poses a threat to birds and fish and other animals in the marine ecosystem. Birds and other animal life get tangled up in the fishing line and suffocate. In Rhode Island, the problem has attracted attention from local activists. The local Audubon society is setting up boxes to dispose of old fishing line to prevent further deaths.

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    If you fish with proper catch-and-release protocol and you don’t leave your old fishing line laying around after you’re done, fishing line poses no major threat to the environment.  However, it can be VERY dangerous to birds, fish, and other mammals that live near fishing areas if you don’t pack it out with you.  It can get wrapped around animals, lacerating or strangling them.  Some animals may try to eat it, which causes major digestive problems.

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    It’s a good thing I searched this up. I have to findout how fishing lines hurt the environment. Thank you all.

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