Does lightning cause the most wild fires?



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    People are the number one cause for wild fires, with lightning as number. Wild fires can be influenced by the amount of dryness during a season, surrounding brush (lots of pine needles or dead leaves), increased residential activity near woodlands, U.S. weather patterns, and past fire suppression procedures.

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    According to an article in the Christian Science Monitor, lightning is the number two cause of wild fires. Human action is the number one cause. Wildfires are largely caused by human actions including arson and accidents.

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    Many fire investigators believe that 9 out of 10 wildfires are caused by human activities. About 75 percent of human caused fires are a result of careless behaviors such as throwing a burning cigarette butt from a car and not watching a campfire. Unfortunately only about 10 percent of wildfires caused by arsonists are solved.

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