Does leaving your hair down at night while you sleep , grow pimples on your back?




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    I’m not entirely sure, but I think there’s reason to believe that there might be something to your theory. Since acne results from oily skin, and hair has oils, logically long hair that is touching the skin on your back all night could make your skin more oily and therefore more susceptible to acne breakouts. 

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    I agree with edmccoy11, and he’s right. Now, for a remedy, you can braid your hair and put it to the side of you, you can powder it with baking soda or baby powder to absorb the extra oils to reduce the creation of acne right before you go to bed, or you could get a hair cut. If you have pimples on your back right now, the best thing you can do is scrub them gently with apricot scrub or get a body wash such as Dermae’s Very Clear acne body wash as a topical remedy. The apricot scrub works incredibly well though, I have had acne on my arms my entire life and I started scrubbing my arms a couple months ago and the appearance and texture has gotten a lot better, not to sell or anything, it just works very well from first-hand experience and from reading threads on it’s effectiveness.

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    These are great answers, but I want to add something to kimtea’s remedy. If you’re experiencing acne, be careful not to over wash the area. Over washing, i.e., applying too many cleansing products which dry out the skin, is quite a common problem. People see acne and then try too hard to get it to go away. They end up drying out their skin, causing the production of more oil. Thus this acne could be due to over cleansing. Try abstaining from washing the area with soap and acne products. I bet this will help. Many people report an improvement of their skin after ditching acne products.

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