Does Las Vegas have a lot of contaminated water?



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    Well these days it is very rare to find water that does not have trace amounts of contamination. Las Vegas specifically has a one of the cleanest drinking water in the United States. It is one of the few cities that has scored a perfect 50 points for water quality. This is not to say their water is not contaminated, however, they do have a great system that cleans and neutralizes many harmful toxins in the water.

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    Las Vegas’ water supplies meets (and in some districts, surpasses) all federal and state water drinking standards. The largest contamination problem they have in that city is from microbial contaminants, a problem shared by most highly urbanized cities with large populations (the trace viral and bacterial contaminants in untreated water come from urban runoff seeping into city water).

    Happily, as in most urban cities, local water departments are focus on water treatment and therefore successfully manage the contaminant before it becomes a problem for the population.

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