Does Korea produce a lot of steel?



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    South Korea produces the 6th highest volume of crude steel in the world.  In 2010, South Korea produced 58.5 million tonnes of crude steel.  Also, there are no reliable statistics for North Korean steel production, though my guess is that they do not produce very much, certainly not as much as South Korea.

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    Yes.  For its size, South Korea produces an impressive amount of steel.  As of August, 2011, South Korea had produced 45 million tonnes, which represents about 4.5% of the total world steel production, and 1/10th of what China (the largest steel producer) has produced.  The US, by comparison, produced 57 billion tonnes of steel in the same period.  South Korea has been among the world’s top steel producers since the 1970s, and currently ranks in the top ten.

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