Does kleenex clog toilets?



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    If you’re not sure whether or not to flush something, don’t.  More likely than not, it wasn’t meant to go there and will end up clogging your toilet.  Kleenex, anyway, is built to be stronger than toilet paper so it won’t break down as easily.  Even too much toilet paper at one time can cause plumbing issues, so a good rule of thumb is to use common sense and be frugal when it comes to flushing anything. 

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    Have you seen the wet wipes for adults? They say they can be flushed and they are thicker than kleenex. So I think they are safe to flush. It’s just a matter of not flushing too much. However, when you think of the effort it takes to clean sewer water, I think it’s greener to just throw away the kleenex and let it biodegrade on it’s own. Flushing is also a HUGE waste of water. See the link below for a debate on to flush or not to flush.

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    I have flushed tissues down my toilet and it eventually became clogged. I would not suggest flushing it down the toilet. Simply dispose of it in the garbage-not the recycling because they will not take dirty material and recycle them. 

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