Does kelp or bamboo grow faster?



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    In the best conditions, bamboo can actually grow about 2 inches per hour with conservative estimates of roughly 24 inches per day. Giant Kelp, off the coast of California, can grow between 1 and 2 feet per day. It looks like Kelp is the fastest growing of the two plants. 

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    Actually, it seems that bamboo grows faster than kelp. A growth rate of 24 inches per day is a conservative estimate for bamboo, which averages out to about an inch every hour. Under the right conditions, the rate can be as much as 2 inches per hour. Giant kelp, on the other hand, grows an average of 10 inches per day in the spring, but this can go up to 24 inches per day.

    At best, I think they have very similar growth rates but generally it sounds like bamboo grows faster.

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