Does Japan give rebates for people that buy eco friendly cars?



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    While it doesn’t seem that Japan is currently offering rebates on environmentally friendly cars, they have in the past offered an incentive of up to €2,250 ($3,000) for cars that met “stringent” standards.  The amount of the rebate depended on the size of the vehicle, as well as the age of the vehicle that was being replaced (there was additional money offered to those who were replacing a vehicle over 13 years old).  Japan also gave tax exemptions to those who drove environmentally friendly vehicles.

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    Yes, or rather subsidies and tax deductions.  Japan introduced the first incentive program to promote the purchase of eco-friendly vehicles in 1996 and it was combined with the Clean Energy Vehicle Project established in 1998 which offered subsidies and tax discounts for consumers of electric natural gas, methanol, and hybrid electric vehicles.  Additionally, in May 2009, the Green Vehicle Purchasing Promotion Measure was passed providing tax deductions and exemptions for eco-friendly vehicles. 


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