Does it take more water or oil to produce a plastic water bottle?



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    Supposedlly it takes about one quarter of a plastic bottle full of oil to produce that bottle and it takes about three liters of water to produce a one liter plastic bottle.  So it seems that it takes more water than oil to produce a plastic water bottle.

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    Coca-Cola has launched several green initiatives and one of them is water management.  While they report that over 6L of water is used to make 1L of product (not just water but including teas and sodas etc) they are implementing a plan to use the waste water from production, which is still relatively clean but not used in the product, for other things such as cleaning the facility.  In the future hopefully we will get closer to 1L in and 1L out for bottling water…or maybe we just wont purchase bottled water at all.

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