Does it take more water to make a beer or a coke?



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    To make just one glass of beer, it takes 19.8 gallons of water. However Coca Cola specifically refuses to release to the public their water usage amounts.

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    Beer, apparently. It takes 75 liters of water to make one glass of beer (about 250 ml of beer), so approximately 300 liters of water per liter of beer. Most of the water behind the beer is for producing the barley. Coca-Cola Co.’s bottling factories use a little over a gallon of water to make a 2-liter bottle of soda. But that figure surges to as high as 132 gallons (500 liters) of water per 2-liter bottle of soda if you add the water used to grow ingredients such as sugar cane, according to an estimate provided to the company by the World Wildlife Fund. Even so, it averages out to 250 liters of water per liter of Coke, so beer still uses more.

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