Does it take more energy to make products out of recycled materials?



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    Yes it does because you have to clean and break down the material. Recycling often consumes a lot of energy, but is still worth it. Most of our recyclables are sent abroad to China and India to be converted into new uses. They are often not recycled in the United States. 

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    For the most part it is actually easier to make products out of recycled materials.  It is certainly more energy efficient to make products out of recycled metals because all you have to do is melt the metals down instead of harvesting the metals, then melting and purifying them.  It is actually 95% more energy efficient to use recycled aluminum.  Using recycled glass uses 50% less energy, and recycled paper uses 60% less.  Basically, energy is saved because the materials are already created and relatively pure and don’t require the energy needed for the original purification and creation.

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