Does it take more energy to make clear or dark glass?



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    The short answer is, it depends. When glass was made centuries ago, a darker shade or different color was pretty much a happy accident. It occured because of the “impurities” or special chemicals found in the sand used to make the glass, as well as in the coal burnt to hea tthe glass: iron, sulfur, etc. And if a glassmaker today simply uses sand/materials that already have these impurities, they are not taking any extra energy to color the glass. Conversely, they might be using extra energy to make clear glass, because they have to find a mechanical way to remove impurities. However, if a glassmaker is starting with pure sand and specially adding in chemicals to make color (gold chloride, uranium oxide, etc.), or if they are starting with impure sand, purifying it, and then adding chemicals back, they have to be using extra energy.

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