Does it take more energy to boil water in a teapot or in the microwave?

I’m not looking for how much energy it takes water to boil; I’m curious whether (electric) stove or a microwave uses more energy to boil the same amount of water.



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    It takes slightly less energy to boil water in the microwave than it does to boil water on an electric stove; the difference is so slight that it is almost negligible. The reason for this is that microwaves are more energy efficient (at 55%) than stoves are.

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      What about on a gas stove, as opposed to a microwave?

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      Gas stoves are also less efficient compared to microwaves (40% efficiency for gas stove in comparison to 55% efficiency for microwaves). However, a gas stove is cheaper to use because gas costs less than electricity, but a microwave uses less energy; thus, the difference is almost negligible.

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      Thanks for the explaination. I’ve never seen relative energy efficiency percentages for different types of stoves.

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    Generally, microwave ovens use a higher average wattage than a small element on an electric stove, but less than a large element. A microwave will boil small amounts of water faster than a range, and so will use less energy. When it comes to large amounts of water, the difference in time and energy consumption is very small and may tip in favor of using the stove.

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