Does it take more energy to make lean beef?



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    Its hard to say, since production of beef varies so dramatically from ranch to ranch. Generally speaking though, no, lean beef takes less energy than fattier cuts to produce. Grass-fed beef is much leaner than corn-finished beef, and in grass-fed animals, the assumption is that the animals are maintained on pasture that is not harvested, tilled, amended, etc… Corn on the other hand, is grown typically in a monocrop system, which is notorious for its environmental effects.

    It is important to note, however, that grass-fed beef actually produces more green house gases than corn-fed, despite the increased energy use in the corn systems. The cows themselves are the determining factor in this sense, since they emit many more gases on a grass diet than on a corn one.

    The point of the story, reduce your meat consumption since either way you are affecting the planet negatively. If you do continue to eat beef though, I would recommend the grass-fed variety for a number of reasons (There are many, many reasons (

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