Does it take more calories to keep you hot in the cold or cold in the heat?



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    Your body has two strategies for returning to homeostasis if you find yourself either too hot or too cold.  Sweating, which is a relatively passive process, allows your body to cool down as the sweat evaporates off of your skin.  Shivering, however, requires the fast contraction of muscles to heat your body up. 


    In answer to your question, it takes more calories (up to 400 per hour) to keep you warm in the cold.

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    “Kendragon” has a great explanation. I would just add that body type does factor in to this explanation. If one has a short and stocky body type, it will be easier to retain heat in the cold. If one has a long and lean body type, then that person will have a higher surface area, and will cool faster. These traits developed evolutionarily for the same reasons. That is why Inuit peoples are generally shorter, stockeir and have shorter appendages then say Ethiopians.

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