does it take a lot of resources to mine limestone?



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    Most limestone is quarried, a much cheaper and less labor-intensive way of recovering earth materials than underground mining. This is mostly because limestone is a rather cheap commodity. Limestone quarries tend to be relatively small, compared to other types of mines, in part because limestone is so common, it can be quarried near to the locations where it will be used.

    It still requires things like machinery, fuel, rock saws and engines, shovels and trucks, crushers, shapers, and personnel, as well as access to land, environmental restoration or remediation, etc. All of that is not trivial, but in general it is a lot less in terms of resources than for most other kinds of mining.

    Two types of limestone – crushed rock, and dimension or building stone – require differing degrees of care and effort. Much more crushed rock is generated than slabs for building stone, but it is much easier to deal with.

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