Does it take a lot longer for organic matter to decompose in the tundra?



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    Yes, decomposition takes longer in tundra environments because there is little growing season with heat and sunlight. Rather, the ground is permafrost (ground that has remained frozen for at least three years) and decomposition is slowed in the extreme cold of the environment. 

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    Decay through decomposing agents (bacteria, scavenger animals, etc) are lacking in the Tundra climate due to the cold temperatures.  Also, as a part of the genius design of nature, the fact that there are mostly shrubs and small grasses (flora), and therefore mostly smaller sized fauna, little is needed to be decomposed.

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    It takes quite longer for organic matter to decompose in the Tundra region because very low temperature inhibit or almost inhibit bacterial activities and such temperature is found in the Tundra region. However, this is not always the case since they have somewhat extremes of weather conditions.

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