Does it take a lot of energy to recycle paper?



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    While recycling paper still uses energy, it’s still less energy than creating brand new paper. Recycling paper uses less bleach, which produces less toxic chemicals in the environment. Also, less tress are being chopped down to create new paper. This way, there are fewer carbon emissions from large equipment chopping down trees. Another nice thing about recycled paper is that it can be recycled over and over. I know that I only buy recycled paper just for these reasons. 

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    The United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates recycling paper saves about 40% of the energy used to create paper from unrecycled pulp.  Like environmichael said, it still uses energy but far less than making virgin paper.  Additionally, the EPA estimates that recycled paper causes less water pollution by 35% and air pollution by 74%, compared to making virgin paper.

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