Does it take a lot of energy to make ice cubes?



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    It doesn’t take too much energy to make ice cubes if you have a freezer.  You just need to fill in ice cube trays with water and put them in the freezer.  There are freezers that will also make ice cubes using their own system but do not require much more energy and the usual energy freezers require to keep things frozen.

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    If your freezer is already on (as it likely is in homes furnished with basic appliances), then freezing water in ice cube trays is not going to require any extra spent energy.  It is definitely the more eco-friendly way to make ice. 

    If, howeverk, you use an ice maker in your freezer (keep it on all the time), the annual kilowatt consumption of your fridge is likely to double.  This is true even in upgraded fridges with the Energy Star seal. 

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