Does it take longer to make a wind turbine or a solar panel?



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    It takes a little bit longer to erect a wind turbine as opposed to a solar panel. The panel just requires the expensive materials to be gathered and then manufactured. Each wind turbine weighs massive amounts and takes many tools to erect. It takes three days to put up the foundation and testing is complete in two days.

    The amount of time it takes to construct the individual items is fairly irrelevant to most investors. What is more important is the cost and cost effectiveness. A wind turbine takes a long time to complete a feasibility study and create the parts and erect but it pays itself off sooner. In one of the following articles the author argues that a mix of both wind and solar power needs to be implemented. Meaning the debate shouldn’t be which one is better than the other but how to have them exist in harmony. Let us not make them fight against each other, but instead band them together against the terror of the reign of the fossil fuels.

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