Does it take longer to make biodiesel or regular gas?



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    First, I think it’s important to know how biodiesel is made.  The main source of biodiesel is crops such as corn and soy, however it is also made from other things such as animal fats, or fryer oil left over from restaurants.  It takes longer to make biodiesel because so much time and effort must be taken to grow the crops, as well as separating the methyl esthers and glycerin from the vegetables once they are harvested.  Containing and shipping must also be counted in production time as well.  Because more effort is needed in order to make biodiesel, this makes it more expensive.  The upside is that less is needed in order to fuel your vehicle than regular gasoline, so fuel efficiency makes it a good choice.  Some experts believe that the time, cost, and energy needed to produce biofuels does not make it a feasible alternative.  The use of pesticides to maintain crops and fuel needed to work the machines that help manage and harvest the crops also needs to be taken into consideration from an environmental and cost-effective standpoint.

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    It takes longer to make regular gas, mostly because it is not really ‘made,’ but harnessed from fossil fuels.

    The ‘making’ of fossil fuels takes hundreds of millions of years (hence the name ‘fossil’) and a great deal of energy: it comes from the decomposition of organic matter under extreme pressure (buried beneath the earth’s surface) and without oxygen.

    Biofuels, on the other hand, are renewable on a very short term basis, and require relatively little energy to produce. Indeed, most of the energy that goes into them come straight from the sun.

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