Does it take less time to pay off a solar system than it used to?



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    This really depends on how high electricity is where you live and how much of it you use. It also depends on the type of system you choose to purchase. Many systems will be paid back in 10-12 years. This is a great improvement from the part where it used to take 20-25 years for more expensive systems 4-5 years ago.

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    The government believes that over time it will become more and more cheap to pay off and afford solar panels. This true in part because solar cells are becoming more and more efficient as better technology is developed. Quality has become more advanced and precise. Also, solar panels have a lifespan of about 20-25 years, so their value and output will decrease over time. So, quality, age, and technology play a role in the effectiveness of solar panels over time. A good strategy for determining an accurate price when comparing solar panels is to measure the dollars/watt ratio. 

    Overall, in 2011 the cost of solar panel energy has fallen well below that of nuclear power andwill continue to fall. So, to answer your question, YES! Overtime it will become easier and easier to pay off your solar set up.

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