does it take less time to hatch an egg in an incubator than it does in the wild?



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    Fertilized chicken eggs take on average 21 days to hatch.  After looking around online, it seems that most people who hatch eggs usually choose a broody hen (a hen in the mood for raising chicks) over an incubator, though both technically get the job done. 


    Broody hens know by instinct how to create the correct conditions for the chicks to hatch and also require little human intervention.  Incubators, on the other hand, must be monitored to make sure that the temperature and humidity are correct. 


    If an incubator is not attended to correctly, it may take four to five days longer for the eggs to hatch.  If it is diligently managed, however, there should be no great difference between the time it takes to hatch an egg in an incubator and the time it takes to hatch an egg “naturally”.  

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