Does it snow on any mountains in Africa?



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    I’m pretty sure it snows on all mountain tops in Africa. The elevation at the peak of the mountains are high enough to produce snow. Here is a list of the highest African mountains and their elevation:

    Kilimanjaro – 19,341 (ft)   
    Mount Kenya – 17,057 (ft)
    Mawenzi – 16,893 (ft)
    Mount Stanley – 16,762 (ft)
    Mount Speke – 16,043 (ft)
    Mount Baker – 15,892 (ft)
    Mount Emin – 15,741 (ft)
    Mount Gessi – 15,469 (ft)
    Mount Luigi di Savoia – 15,180 (ft)
    Mount Meru – 14,977 (ft)


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