Does it rain more near the coastline than it does inland?



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    Great question. As with many questions, the answer is, it depends. Rainfall patterns depend on a variety of variables including proximity to large bodies of water, including oceans or very large lakes, proximity to mountain ranges and what side of the mountains you are on. Regions close to large bodies of water, generally recieve more precipitation, however this includes places like Buffalo NY which is adjacent to Lake Erie. Mountains cause air to rise, and as the air rises it condenses, and any water vapor in the air will likely precipitate. This is why regions between an ocean and a mountain range receive so much rain, such as in the Oregon and Washington coast. Since most of the precipitation falls on the windward side of the mountains (the side from which the wind blows), there is less water left as it reaches the leeward side of the mountain. Often this translates into the coastal side and the inland side of the mountains, but it is not necessarily always the case. As a general rule, in the U.S. the coastal regions receive more rain than the central part of the U.S. However, as you can see in the map below, mountain ranges have a greater impact on precipiation that just distance from the coast.

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