does it rain a lot in Venezuela?



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    It depends on which part of Venezuela as climate varies in different parts. The Llanos region of the Orinoco valley, which has a tropical climate, gets about 1,000-1,500 mm or 40-60 inches of rainfall each year. Most of the rainfall occurs between April and October.

    The Guyana plateau receives around 1,500 mm or 60 inches of rain each year.

    The southern side of the Andes receives more rainfall than the northern slopes. In the mountains, yearly rainfall is typically more than 1,000mm or 40in, but it is less on the northern slopes and some valleys. Caracas and the rest of the north coast tend to be fairly dry.

    In the village of San Carlos in Amazonas Province, which is 1,000 km south of Caracas, annual rainfall is around 3,565 mm a year, which is considered to be a relatively high amount of rainfall.

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